In today’s fast moving world, hiring a virtual assistant is becoming more common place to help you get your business moving. The problem is that because we are hiring them virtually and many times halfway around the world, we don’t always know who we are hiring. You can talk to them on a video call, and sure you might have some reviews on a job site, but many times a virtual assistant can close an account and start a new one if they have enough bad reviews.

Thats where VA Blacklist comes in handy!

In today’s electronic world our email address is like a fingerprint. Our company was born to help you learn about bad experiences that clients have had with virtual assistants around the world.

It’s simple, if you’ve had a bad experience with a virtual assistant, leave a review so you can help others prevent that experience from happening again. If you are considering hiring a virtual assistant, search for your VA to see if there have been any clients in the past that have had a bad experience. Its like Carfax for your virtual assistant!

Here’s to you, being better informed when hiring your next virtual assistant!